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Rectangle Led Backlit Bathroom Mirror

Rectangle Led Backlit Bathroom Mirror

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  • Compared to before, new mirror features backlit light and front-lit light.
  • Dual lighting source exudes a sense of luxury while brightening up space.
  • The led light provide amount of illumination for makeup or shaving.
  • Frameless design bathroom mirror, gives your bathroom the luxe-feel it deserves.
  • Made of thicker HD glass with an aluminum frame, keeps it durable for use.
  • It features UL certificated components for safety, IP44 waterproof rating.
  • Three buttons for easy control brightness, switch lighting colors and anti-fog.
  • Anti-fog function ensures you can see a clear reflection when shower.
  • Energy efficient, service life of about 50,000 hours, save $$$ on electricity bill.
  • Memory function, the lighting color will be the same as the last one you turned off.
  • With a plug, can be directly connected to a wire, or to a wall switch.
  • Upscale look mirror, one of the most popular when it comes to home decorating.
  • There is a cable entry on every four sides of the mirror for easily connect to electric wire.
  • Supports wall switch, helps you directly control the light’s ON/OFF.

Material: Aluminum frame + 4mm HD Glass mirror
Product Color: Silver

Color Temperature: 3500K-6500K
Lighting Colors: White, warm, natural white light
Waterproof: IP44
Input Voltage: 100-240V(UK)  100-240V(US)
Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power: 45W(UK AUS EUR)  48W(US)
Operating Voltage: DC12V
Output Current: 0-3.75A(UK AUS EUR)    0-4A(US)
Lumen: 6100LM
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Led Bulb Type: 2835-120 led
Net Weight: 9.7kg/ 21.4 lbs
Product Dimension: L * W 1050x500mm/ 41.3x19.7 inch
Thickness: 4cm/ 1.6 inch
Package Size: 117x61x11cm/ 46.1x24x4.3 inch
Shipping Weight: 12.75kg/ 28.1 lbs

Power: 60W(UK AUS EUR) 60W(US)
Input Voltage: 100-240V(UK AUS EUR) 100-240V(US)
Operating Voltage: DC12V
Output Current: 0-5A(UK AUS EUR) 0-5A(US)
Lumen: 6100LM
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Led Bulb Type: 2835-120 led

Net Weight: 13.15kg/ 29 lbs
Product Dimension: L * H 1200x600mm/ 47.2x23.6 inch
Length of Wire: 160cm/ 63 inch
Thickness: 5mm (only mirror)
Package Size: 136.5x72x12cm/ 53.7x28.3x4.7 inch
Shipping Weight: 17.3kg/ 38.1 lbs

Power: 60W
Input Voltage: 100-240V(UK)    100-240V(US)
Operating Voltage: DC12V
Output Current: 0-3.13A (US-TP-JP)  0-6A(UK-AU-EU)
Lumen: 8160lm(inner led strip) 9600lm(outer led strip)
Led Bulb Type: 2835-120 led
Net Weight: 17kg/ 37.5 lbs
Product Dimension: L * H 1400x700mm/ 55.1x27.5 inch
Length of Wire: 2m/ 78.7 inch
Thickness of Mirror: 5cm/ 1.96 inch
Package Size: 154x82x16.5cm/ 60.6x32.3x6.5 inch
Shipping Weight: 26.15kg/ 57.6 lbs

Package Includes:
1 x Rectangular Bathroom Mirror
1 x Screw Accessory (set)
1 x Instructions

- Please refer to the measurement. Tiny measuring error is allowable in normal range.
- There might be a little color difference due to the monitor, camera or other factors, please refer to the physical item.
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